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Sidwell Consulting and Analytical Services Limited provides specialist support to Industry on food contact materials, particularly with respect to compliance testing, compositional analysis, potential extractable substances and failure studies

Principal John A. Sidwell BSc, CChem, FRSC


  • EU compliance testing of plastics, elastomers and coatings Regulation No.10, 2011 and Regulation EC 1935/2004

  • Advice on potential extractables

  • Detailed analysis and characterisation of materials, additives and degradation products

  • Utilising mathematical modelling to predict migration

  • Preparation of EU Food Contact "Declaration of Compliance Statements" for the supply chain

  • Submission of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) petitions and US FDA food contact material notifications (FCN's) for new substances

  • Examination of material failures 


Our Aims

To provide a first class personal service built on knowledge and customer care. Our client base is international and comprises many leading companies in Europe, the USA and Asia.


To Contact

The company can be contacted by sending an e-mail to, by telephone +44 (0)1743 364560 or by using the Contact Us form.


About us

The company was set up in 2009 by John Sidwell. Its main activities relate to food contact and related materials including regulatory compliance, compositional studies and extractable substances. Prior to setting up the consultancy, John Sidwell was Principal Consultant Food Contact Materials at Smithers Rapra and Technical Manager - Polymer Analysis.

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